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We are so grateful for every gift we receive.  Each gift will be tax deductible (we are a registered 501c3 with the IRS) and all proceeds will go to help spread the gospel of Christ.Thank you for supporting Deeper Waters Ministry.

The biggest help to our ministry is in monthly donations. 

Please consider being a monthly financial partner and join with us in helping connect people to the Lord. 

After entering the amount you wish to give each month click the automatic billing button.  You will be directed to a new secured page, then enter you credit or debit card information. After filling in your card information your credit card will then be automatically billed each month so you do not have to remember to give and you will continue your support. 

If you wish to give a one time gift or give monthly with your PayPal account, please use the Donate button. CLICK "DONATE" BUTTON BELOW THEN CHOOSE ONE-TIME OR MONTHLY THEN "DONATE WITH PAYPAL" (IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT AND WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A MONTHLY DONATION - THE NEXT SCREEN WILL ALLOW YOU TO CHOOSE "PAY WITH A DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD" BUT YOU MUST CLICK "PAY WITH PAYPAL" AFTER YOU HAVE CLICKED THE "DONATE" BUTTON BELOW. (The first "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" after you click the donate button does not work for monthly donations for those who do not have a Paypal account.)

Thank you so much!

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