Stage 1

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Boat & Equipment


    After an extremely nice boat being donated to us, we now have the capability and flexibility to access and schedule more times on the water.


    Operational expenses including fuel, maintenance, insurance and equipment are the biggest current need.  I desire to host guests at no charge if possible but now donations are greatly appreciated.


  Getting someone on the water and helping them achieve victory in a new challenge gives that person more freedom to enjoy their time and allows them to open up to bigger things.

Stage 2


   With our own property and a dock we could immediately begin to reach more people and enhance the Deeper Waters experience for everyone.  Having a place where people could leave personal items while swimming and enjoying the water when others are out in the boat would increase opportunities and include more people.  This would also allow us to expand the types of activities we would like to offer; paddle boarding, wave runners, more boats and a place to prepare meals.  More importantly this would provide a place to have large group times to talk and share throughout the day.

Stage 3

Onsite Adventures


Expanding the property and the types of high adventure activities we offer will give us ways to reach more people.  Some possibilities of expansion are high ropes course, climbing wall, canopy tours, mountain biking loops, barn swing, fly boarding, endless wave   machine, wind tunnel, prayer walking trails and solitary reflection spots.

Stage 4


   The more time we are away from the world and all the distractions that the world offers, the more opportunity we have to hear the Lord’s voice and go deeper with Him.  Having quality lodging to give people extended retreat time from the world would enhance the Deeper Waters experience.  This will be a place where people want to come and are able to relax and enjoy a spiritual retreat.

Stage 5

The Dream

   To expand Deeper Waters into a full blown summer camp and year round retreat center is the ultimate goal.  I would like to host groups such as church staff retreats, men’s weekends, women’s ministry events, couples retreats, father-daughter outings, family camp outs, youth events such as summer camps, and fall and spring retreats.  I want to see as many people as possible go Deeper into a relationship with their Lord Jesus Christ– not living a shallow life without experiencing the greatness of our Lord,  but living the life God intended.